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175H Series Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brake

The Airheart 175H Series hydraulically actuated caliper disc brake can be used in many versatile applications and is designed to mount on a 1/8-inch disc. The body is made of die-cast aluminum alloy. Optional friction linings are available in both hard and soft materials.


Maximum Operating Pressure: 1000 psi
Torque (in-lb):

1.47 x Pressure (psi) x (disc radius - 0.875")

Number of Pistons and Diameter: 1 piston, 1.75 in diameter
Total Effective Piston Area: 2.41 in2
Total Fluid Displacement: 0.12 in3
Fluid Requirements: Automotive Brake Fluid (type DOT3) or Mineral-Based (RED) Hydraulic
Warning ! Do Not Use Mineral Based (red) Fluid in brakes designed for automotive brake fluid or vice versa. Use of the wrong fluid will result in Brake System Failure
Total Lining Area
(two linings):
3.87 in2
Maximum Wearable Lining: 0.77 in3
Disc Sizes: 7 in to unlimited
Disc Thickness: 0.125 in (spacer kit is available to accommodate 3/16 or 1/4 in disc thicknesses.)
Weight: 1 lb, 6.5 oz.
Mounting: Requires that either the caliper or the disc must float.


175H Automotive Fluid, W/O Linings 3010-0001
175H Automotive Fluid, W/ Soft Linings 3010-0101


175H Automotive Fluid, W/ Hard Linings 3010-0201


175H Mineral-Based (RED) Fluid, W/O Linings 3010-0000
175H Mineral-Based (RED) Fluid, W/Soft Linings 3010-0100
175H Mineral-Based (RED) Fluid, W/Hard Linings 3010-0200
175H Front Brake Kit 3010-0006
175H Lining Replacement Kit, Hard 3010-9002
175H Lining Replacement Kit, Soft 3010-9003
175H Overhaul Kit, Automotive Fluid
175H Overhaul Kit, Mineral-Based (RED) Fluid


175H Anvil Kit
175H Spacer Kit

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