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175X1QCII Hydraulic Series Caliper Disc Brake

The Airheart 175x1QCII Series features quick-change friction material for easy removal and replacement without dismounting or disassembling the brake. The brake has two opposing retractable pistons and has been designed for the demanding conditions of high performance competition and industrial applications.

Available in both spaced and unspaced models with hard, soft or no linings.

Maximum Operating Pressure: 1000 psi

1.47 x pressure (psi) x (disc radius - 0 .875")

Number of Pistons and Diameter:

2 pistons, 1.75 in diameter

Total Effective Piston Area:

2.41 in2

Fluid Displacement: 0.12 in3
Fluid Requirements:

Automotive Brake Fluid, Polyglycol ( DOT 3 or 4)

Warning ! Use AUTOMOTIVE BRAKE FLUID ONLY! Use of other fluids will result in Brake System Failure


Total Lining Area
(two linings):
6.7 in2
Maximum Wearable Lining: 2.38 in3
Disc Sizes: 10 in to unlimited
Disc Thickness: 0.375 in (with spacer kit, 0.810 in)
Weight: 1.8 lb (unspaced models) 1.9 lb (spaced models)


To order, click on the 8-digit part number .

Please allow 5 days for order processing.

Delivery and Shipping Information

175X1QCII Unspaced Caliper, W / O Linings 3025-0001
175X1QCII Unspaced Caliper, W/ Soft Linings 3025-0101
175X1QCII Unspaced Caliper, W/ Hard Linings 3025-0201
175X1QCII Spaced Caliper, W/ Soft Linings 3025-0102
175X1QCII Spaced Caliper, W/ Hard Linings 3025-0202
175X1QCII Lining Replacement Kit for Soft Linings 3025-9005
175X1QCII Lining Rplacement Kit for Hard Linings 3025-9004

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