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175X2QCII Hydraulic Series Caliper Disc Brake


The Airheart 175x2QCII Series features quick-change friction material for easy removal and replacement without dismounting or disassembling the brake. The brake has dual retracting pistons and is available in either spaced or un-spaced versions with soft, hard or no linings. Non-retracting piston models are also available.

(Current style pictured at left, obsolete style shown below.)


old brake

Maximum Operating Pressure: 1000 psi
Torque (in-lb):

2.94 x pressure (psi) x (disc radius - 0 .875")

Number of Pistons and Diameter: 4 pistons, 1.75 in diameter
Total Effective Piston Area: 4.81 in2
Fluid Requirements:

Automotive Brake Fluid, Polygycol (DOT 3 or 4)

Warning ! Use AUTOMOTIVE BRAKE FLUID ONLY! Use of the wrong fluids will result in Brake System Failure


Total Lining Area
(two linings):
12.8 in2
Maximum Wearable Lining: 2.82 in3
Disc Sizes: 11.4 in to unlimited
Disc Thickness: 0.375 in (with spacer kit, 0.810 in)
Weight: 2.9 lb (unspaced models) 3.1 lb (spaced models)


175X2QCII Unspaced Caliper, W / O Linings 3030-0004
175X2QCII Unspaced Caliper, W/ Soft Linings 3030-0104
175X2QCII Unspaced Caliper, W/ Hard Linings 3030-0204
175X2QCII Spaced Caliper, W/ O Linings 3030-0006
175X2QCII Spaced Caliper, W/ Soft Linings 3030-0106
175X2QCII Spaced Caliper, W/ Hard Linings 3030-0206
175X2QCII Nonretractable Pistons, Unspaced Caliper, W/ O Linings 3030-0007
175X2QCII Seal Kit, Retractable Piston Models 3030-9001
175X2QCII Overhaul Kit, Retractable Piston Models 3030-9002
175X2QCII Soft Lining Kit 3035-9000
175X2QCII Hard Lining Kit 3035-9001

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